November 2019 Check In

A little over month ago, I left Flywheel to focus all of my time on Courtyard. October was the first entire month in the history of this product where I could put all of my brainspace towards launching a new SaaS product. Being a solo founder comes with a set of negatives. One of them […]

What’s next?

The reason I left Flywheel last month was so I could go all in and work full time on a new SaaS product. Remember over a year ago, where I shared a side project (then named Courtyard)? I am now working full time to take what was Courtyard to create a new and improved experience […]

So long Flywheel 👋🏻

Friday September 13, 2019 marked my last day at Flywheel.  The last four in a half some years have been a blast.  I’ve build great products, met life long friends and learned a ton about a fast growing company.  I’ve said it a million times over the last few weeks, but man I’ll miss everyone. […]

Courtyard was a bad name

I’ve been working on Courtyard for a while now. A few months ago, I posted some lessons I leaerned along the way when validating the app with actual customers. I thought I’d also share my lessons from giving Courtyard a bad name to build a brand around. Before you tell me “Yah, dude.” Let me […]

2018 Review

Hey its me again. Its been a solid three years or more since I’ve written here. At the start of every year for the past three years or more, I had a goal to write more. Every year when I looked back, I was disappointed for not even trying. There are plenty of excuses I […]

Checking in from Flywheel

Here I am.. its November, I’ve been with Flywheel since February of this year and I still love this team.  When I started the company headed to Las Vegas for a remote work retreat. After that, I got started right away on a huge update to the app: Flywheel Organizations, and I’ve found I work with people that I’d hang out […]

Nightwing, an Atom theme

GitHub’s Atom text editor has become my default text editor as of late.  My favorite thing about it is how extensible it is and the rich community of plugins, themes and other add-ons for the text editor. So naturally I wanted to try out extending Atom with a basic theme. I took a break at the NE-JS Conf and  made an […]

I Joined Flywheel

I’m excited to announce that I joined the great Flywheel team in Omaha as a senior software engineer. Flywheel is making a great impact on the WordPress community by making hosting WordPress sites dead simple. I haven’t been more excited about new work since the beginning days of Ninth Division. It’s time to tell Twitter […]