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Evolution of the one sentence pitch

Originally posted on HEY World

Pitch sentence. The tag line. One liner. Product description. Call it what you will, but creating a single sentence that describes a business/product is just as hard as giving it a name. It took a lot of time to come up with a name, but even more time to get create a pitch that can tell someone what Doorkeep is and who its for.

Here are some product descriptions I used in the past:

  • The inbox for real estate.
  • The property manager’s inbox.
  • The messaging app for rental managers and hosts.
  • Text messaging for property managers.
  • Cloud phone system for rentals.
  • Rental management’s Message Center
  • Organized communications for property managers.
  • Help desk software for real estate management.

… and here is Doorkeep’s product description / pitch as of today: Customer service platform for your rental properties.

What will it evolve into in one year?

I love posts like this, because looking back is a lot of fun or funny or 🤦🏻‍♂️