I made an iOS 8 keyboard app and its called Contrast

Contrast Keyboard is a keyboard app I made last month, go buy it on the App Store Now! Let me tell you what the $0.99 gets you…

If you are like me, tapping the number key, then the special characters key just to get to the hash character (#) (then back again) to type #hashtag, bums you out. So, I made Contrast Keyboard as an alternative to that, by using page swiping for those characters.

There are three pages of keyboard characters, 1. Special Characters, 2. Alphabetical Characters and 3. Number Characters (plus a additional special characters). Upon load of the keyboard you are always taken to page 2 for the alphabetical characters. All this demoed in the best way possible, a gif…


The three color character design was to keep things simple. The home-row being highlighted necessary to guide for your fingers to the keys, since the keys are borderless. Based on the app, the keyboard is either White or Black (this can be changed in the app). You can experiment with other keyboard layouts too, Contrast has 7 as of right now. Settings are changed in the companion app which it is installed with – common with most keyboard apps.

Future releases? There is a bunch of things I’d like to do for the future; better support for iPad, iPhone 6+ being one of them, since right now they just look like giant iPhone keyboards. Honestly I can’t tell if the desire for custom keyboards has faded or not yet. If people want more, I’m going to keep updating it. I’m simply happy to have something I created on the App Store again.


Available Now! You should give it a try, it’s only $0.99.

0.99 | Buy it on App Store now!……please

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