Nightwing, an Atom theme

Atom Theme Nightwing
GitHub’s Atom text editor has become my default text editor as of late.  My favorite thing about it is how extensible it is and the rich community of plugins, themes and other add-ons for the text editor. So naturally I wanted to try out extending Atom with a basic theme.

I took a break at the NE-JS Conf and  made an Atom theme named Nightwing (arguably the best Batman alley). Making a theme is surprisingly easy and they have it documented pretty well here.  To keep things simple, I made theme with just a few colors: white on black with shades of blue (to match the colors of the Nightwing character).

After spending a few hours making my own theme, I have new found respect for the people who made the themes I use everyday. I hope to finish this theme and complete a few plugins in the future.

Want to get it?  Search for `Nightwing` when looking at downloadable Atom Themes or this link!  Of course its open source and available on GitHub here.

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