What I’m doing right now

Right now, I’m pouring all my energy into two projects; and a little writing on this website from time to time. During the day I’m at Flywheel and any of my additional time is spent on my side project Courtyard. Let me tell you about them:


Courtyard is a SaaS product for Property Managers, Landlords and Real Estate professionals who want a better way to to manage tenant relationships. I am working on writing about the journey to launching this product here on my site. Its in beta now and a full product launch is coming soon.

Local by Flywheel

Local by Flywheel is the best way to develop WordPress websites on your own computer. This product does so much and we have such a great roadmap a head of us. Releasing things regularly that excites people, gets me excited.

Updated: Jan 3, 2018 from Omaha, NE