Checking in from Flywheel

Here I am.. its November, I've been with Flywheel since February of this year and I still love this team.  When I started the company headed to Las Vegas for a remote work retreat. After that, I got started right away on a huge update to the app: Flywheel [Continue...]

I Joined Flywheel

I’m excited to announce that I joined the great Flywheel team in Omaha as a senior software engineer. Flywheel is making a great impact on the Wordpress community by making hosting Wordpress sites dead simple. I haven’t been more excited about new work [Continue...]

Reflecting on my own tech talk

Last week I gave my first public talk to a user group for mobile developer called Omaha Mobile Meet-up. This was the first time I’ve done a public talk and the first time I’ve been to the meetup in a year. A few days after the meet-up was over, I began to [Continue...]