I’m Andy Peters!

I’ve spent 2018 building a new SaaS product called Courtyard. Its for property managers who want a better way to to manage tenant relationships.

I currently work at Flywheel. I’ve been on there on the engineering team for more than three years now. Being able to self-fund and bootstrap a business alongside working at a fast growing company has been full of lessons I’ll never forget.

After years of running Ninth Division, being part of the 1Password team, and building multiple startups over the years, I’ve learned that building something for people to use that solves their problems and delights them along the way is how I want spend my professional time.

That is why I’m working on Courtyard and along the way, I hope to share the story and what I learned building building it.

You know whats better than work?  BIKES! There is a good chance if you ride bikes we are automatically best friends. I love riding bikes! I commute all around Omaha, do a lot of gravel rides and trail / mountain riding and long tours across the state of Nebraska.  Hey, find me on Strava!

The views on the website, don’t necessary reflect those of my current employer.