Hi, I’m Andy Peters a programmer living in Omaha, NE. I’m probably best known for iOS/Mac development, the support of Omaha development community, and now my work at Flywheel.

For six years, I ran an iOS App development company in Omaha named Ninth Division. We had helped build products, frameworks, and support code for funded startups and Fortune 500 companies.  Ninth Division was a great way for me to see if I liked entrepreneurial activities and still spend time being a programmer.  After Ninth Division had ended I spent a year and a half as an iOS developer with AgileBits (the company behind 1Password). I had a great time with a diverse, remote team working on the iOS and Mac side for an award winning and best selling multi-platform app.

Now I spend my days with the great Flywheel team. We have an excellent team and we’re solving a big problem – by making WordPress hosting a simple solution for designers.

When I’m not working, I love riding bikes, playing video games, reading comic books and traveling.  Every year I ride my bicycle across Nebraska on the BRAN ride.  Last year I made it to Boulder, CO twice and snuck in a trip to Austin, TX too.  Life is good.


The views on the website, don’t necessary reflect those of my current employer.

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