Andy Peters

Founder. Developer. Bicyclist.

Bikes are cool, n stuff.

If you are not riding your bike, you are going to miss out on all the fun!

My Grandpa, Roger Peters.

I have been riding bikes regularly for about twenty years now. It all started when my Grandpa (who was in his mid 70s at the time) wanted a riding partner to join him on yearly rides across Nebraska. Spending over a week on a bike, camping with my grandfather are among my all time favorite memories. I’ve now ridden across Nebraska eight times, six with my grandfather. After years of riding with him, bikes have just become a part of my life.

If it doesn’t get my bike dirty, I don’t want to go on that ride. That has basically been my riding mantra for the last four years. After years of road riding and touring on the pavement, I unlearned that pavement and found myself searching for gravel, dirt trails, single track, double track and in general the path less traveled. With all the new style of riding I’ve been doing, this led to new bikes and new ways to ride.

I have three main bikes that depending on my ride, I road most often. Each bike has its own purpose to best satisfy the way I currently ride. Everyone has a different reason for the bike they own. Since you are wondering, here are my bikes and why I have them:

All City Macho King (2016)

This is my gravel bike, the bike the changed how I have enough thought of riding for the last ten years. I’ve managed to ride this across Nebraska on pavement, ride on a zillion gravel rides with friends, competed a few times in gravel races and a few cyclocross events. While I didn’t do a lot of cyclcocross on this bike, I ended up falling in love with gravel riding. In Nebraska something like 98% of the roads are gravel/dirt/other, so we have a lot of options for this. This bike build is perfect for gravel riding.

Kona Big Honzo (2018)

If I could only pick one form of riding a bike right now it’d be trail riding; aka: singletrack. I used to think that living in Omaha, NE there was no point in having a mountain bike since we have no mountains. When I discovered we have a well managed trail network in the area I became very interested. I bought the Kona Big Honzo not long after I realized this and it has changed riding for me. After a few times riding those trails, I was addicted. You can usually find me at Lewis and Clark Park, Jewel or Swanson.

Surly Bridge Club (2019 - diving board blue)

If the Macho King and the Honzo are both racer bikes of mine, then the Surly Bridge Club is my daily driver; my SUV of bikes. I do everything else in this bike: commute to work, run errands, go on “make coffee outdoors” rides, snow riding, whatever. It does everything, hauls anything, goes anywhere and looks just like the bike I had when I was kid that served the same purpose. Its a great rig.