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Photo stream.

My new photo stream. Posting a new photo each month (give or take).

Shoulder kitty hour

Nov 12, 2020

Fall 2020. Amanda snapped this photo and it accurately depicts a typical afternoon in the office. Everyday we are in the office and around 2pm or 4pm, Rey kitty comes wondering in looking for some shoulders to lay on. Also included in this photo is my fall time flannel, stocking cap because I’m always cold and tiny can of coke.

Fall 2020 on the Wabash Trace

Oct 17, 2020

The bike gang got back together and snuck in a beautiful fall ride on the Wabash Trace trail.

Yellowstone National Park

Oct 01, 2020

Later on in the trip, we drove up to Yellowstone National Park. We drove into the park for two days. Each day there is a reminder that this beautiful place is a giant volcano. The geysers are among the most obvious and beautiful reminders of that. continued…

Yellowstone National Park (Part two)

Oct 01, 2020

(Part 2) … don’t forget about all of the colors this park has to offer. While we were there at the end of the fall season for them, I’d wager that every season has a lot of color to share.

Grand Teton National Park

Sept 29, 2020

Grand Teton National Park has an incredible paved bike path which goes from Moose, WY (the southern entrance town for the park) into the park. The path is roughly 20 miles round trip, flat (except one hill) and takes you to Jenny Lake. It was like riding a bike through a postcard.

Cross country trails of Grand Targhee

Sept 28, 2020

While in Idaho, I had ample time to explore the local singletrack trails. I spent two whole days riding the cross country trails a few downhill lines at Grand Targhee National Park. These trails and this park will forever be considered the benchmark in cross country singletrack riding. Perfect blend of beauty, flow and the best groomed trails I’ve ever been on. I road my Kona Hei Hei which is a carbon cross country / trail frame geometry with 120mm travel up front and 100mm for the rear. It was perfect for these trails. I took this photo on the way up a downhill line; riding through the aspens up and then back down was a treat for this Nebraska trail rider.

Grand Tetons

Sept 23, 2020

At the end of September, we slipped away to Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. For the first leg of the trip, we had this beautiful view of the Grand Tetons from our cabin. We stayed far away from mouth breathers and took in this view every morning and evening. It was something else living each day inside a postcard.

Chewie in pink.

Aug 21, 2020

We have this pink and polka-dot couch in the office. Typically Chewie and Rey will rotate who sleeps on it while we work during the day. Chewie won today.

Omaha, NE skyline at night

July 23, 2020

The nighttime skyline of Omaha, NE from Lewis and Clark Park over in Council Bluffs. We were over here hoping to catch a glimpse of the comet. It became obvious that to see the comet, we’d need to go much further north. So we drove an hour north and caught a glimpse. We did not have the patience for photographing it.

Stay safe. Be Kind.

Mar 14, 2020

The weekend of the start of the pandemic, our neighborhood movie theater had this on their marque. I don’t know when they’ll open again but I hope they keep this message going the entire time they are closed. We’ll miss you Filmstreams and Lolas.