Andy Peters

Founder. Developer. Bicyclist.

Whats Next?

The reason I left Flywheel last month was so I could go all in and work full time on a new SaaS product. Remember over a year ago, where I shared a side project (then named Courtyard)? I am now working full time to take what was Courtyard to create a new and improved experience for the property management industry.

What are you doing after Flywheel?

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Courtyard went into a MVP/validation phase late last year. It was very exciting times to find a solution to an actual problem that people were willing to pay for. Fast forward to Summer of 2019 and Courtyard was getting too big to be just a fun side project. Between work, life and Courtyard I was struggling to find enough brainspace to move the product forward With a tremendous amount of support from my wife Amanda, we decided now is the best time for me to leave Flywheel and go full time on the new SaaS product.

In the next couple months I’ll be spending my time on new features to round out what we learned during the MVP, talking with previous customers new customers to reach out to, and finding a new name. Over the years I have gotten so much from makers on Startups for the Rest of Us, Indiehackers, etc. Hoping to give back to the same community, I will be sharing my story as I go along. Talk to you soon…