Andy Peters

Founder. Developer. Bicyclist.

Hello, I’m Andy Peters. I live in Omaha, NE with the love of my life Amanda Rucker, our doggo Chewie and cat Rey. You can usually find me with them or riding bikes or with them while riding bikes; you know … depends on the day.

Recently I went out on my own to build a new web SaaS product to build a SaaS product (eventually named) Doorkeep. Doorkeep provides organized communication tools for those who manage rental properties. I have been trying to write more about the journey of creating and launching a new SaaS product. You can find that on my HEY World account here.

Before that, I was at Flywheel for about five years. I was an early employee with a front row seat to watch the company grow, face challenges and see how they become one of Omaha’s most successful startups. As an early developer on the team I got to build and ship a ton of amazing products for the WordPress ecosystem. I learned a ton, met life long friends and when the time seemed right, I left to focus my energy on building my SaaS.

Way before joining Flywheel, I spent more than 5 years running a freelance agency under the name Ninth Division. We found our niche building iOS and Android applications during a time when that was new. In between Ninth Division and Flywheel, I spent time with the 1Password team on the iOS and Mac app development team. I loved being part of a remote team and working on such an iconic product in the Apple ecosystem. In what seems like ancient history to me now before all of that: I was an early employee at Sojern where I helped architect the first technology stack and build a team. And way wayyyy before that I was at Intuit where I really found my passion for the blend of technology and entrepreneurship. My time at Sojern and Intuit is what led me to go on my own to start Ninth Division and try something.

Haha man, kind of weird summarizing 15+ years career into a few paragraphs.

I use Ruby on Rails for all my web application development and in (except Intuit) all of the companies in the previous paragraphs. I think these days I’m labeled a full stack developer 🤷🏻‍♂️. I’m still right at home in Xcode and Swift / Objective-C though. My front end technology choices are all around TailwindCSS which is what this site is designed with. Oh and this site was built with Bridgetown. I use Visual Studio Code to develop and write all the things and here is my setup. 🤓 👨🏻‍💻

I’ve been posting monthly photos to my photos page and I have a lot to share these days so hopefully I’ll be writing more in blog posts. Reach out anytime, email is best:

Find me on the socials: Twitter, GitHub,, LinkedIn, Spotify,, Instagram, Strava and Untappd

Thanks fo reading!

Cheers, Andy Peters